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2011-05-13     RELEASE 1.2


        * Introduced a new concept called "facets" to subselect parts/concrete
          types of an Artifact's output.

        * New REST interfaces to set/get attributes of an ArtifactCollection.

        * Improved the DatabaseCleaner to cleanup Artifacts, ArtifactCollections
          and CollectionItems properly.

        * Reduce I/O costs while database transactions by compressing XML

2011-03-30     RELEASE 1.1

2010-04-28     RELEASE 1.0


        * The path to database in the configuration can be relative to central
          configuration document.

        * The Restlet server logs its output to the same file as the rest of the
          application does.

        * Support for saving the current state of an artifact (e.g. save
          artifact as project file).

        * Support for loading an existing artifact (e.g. load an existing


        * JavaDoc documentation.

2010-03-08     RELEASE 0.5

2010-01-27     RELEASE 0.4


                * Added a new interface describing services 
                via XML documents via /services

2009-12-17     RELEASE 0.3


	* Not really a feature release. Only handle internal stuff more general.

2009-11-13     RELEASE 0.2


        * Make paths in configuration relative to the central
        configuration document.

        * Added a first HowTo to setup the environment and artifact
        system encapsulating FIS and products

2009-10-07     RELEASE 0.1


	* Initial implementation of the runtime system based on artifacts.