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Mit 3.2.x zusammenf├╝hren
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date Wed, 15 Jul 2020 11:53:27 +0200
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From ChangeLog, 
2009-09-09	Sascha L. Teichmann	<>

	* artifact-database/doc/artifactdb-example-conf.xml: removed
	* artifact-database/doc/example-conf/conf.xml: Re-added here.

	The configuration is now found in a subdirectory set by the
	system property 'artifact.database.dir'. If this property is
	not set '~/.artitactdb' is used. This directory should contain
	a file 'conf.xml' with the configuration details.
	  If the artifact database is started as a standalone the config
	directory is searched for '' to configure the
	  The H2 database is also search in this directory with the
	name 'artifacts.db' if the connection url in config.xml is
	not overwritten.


	* contrib/ Little start script to launch artifact database for test
	purpose from classes without the need to build packages. 
	Background: The maven exec:exec goal does not work consistently for me (slt). 
	At home it does, at work it doe not. Anyway. Usage:

	$ ./contrib/ \
	      -Dartifact.database.dir=artifact-database/doc/example-conf/ \