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2010-04-28  RELEASE 1.0


        * Support for renaming wms layers (#198)

        * Support for Contis, Nauthis and Marine Features (#92, #205)

        * Support for exporting/importing artifacts (#208)
          Before an artifact is exported, the cleanup() method is called to do
          relevant things before an export.

        * Improved the matrix for parameter-measurement selection. The user can
          choose between different depths only without relation to a specific
          parameter (#210)

        * ODV export of a 'Profilschnitt' is possible now (#217)

        * The MapServer can be called without explicitly declaration of the
          mapfile path (#235, #220). A wrapper script is used - located in the 
          cgi directory of apache - to export the mapfile path.

        * The transition model can be plotted as pdf or svg (#262) with the help
          of an xsl sheet contained in the contrib directory.

        * Added a template mechanism for 'Layer' product. A default layer is
          used if there is no specific template for a layer.

        * Support for MapViewer call. A MapViewer call feeds an artifact
          initially with parameters that are used if the artifact reaches states
          which require these parameters. These states are called
          AutoResumeStates and leads the artifact to the next state immediately.


        * Date changes have no effect on wms output (#201)
        * The subtitle of a horizontalprofile chart contains its beginning
          coordinate (#120)
        * Limit rendering of floating point numbers to 3 decimals in
          MapServer (#209)
        * Improvements respective to csv exports (#122)
        * Improvements respective to odv exports (#215)
        * Display the the time to live of an artifact / wms layer in gui (#197)
        * Avoid race-conditions while chart creation (#211)
        * Remove shapefile directories if an artifact reaches its end of
          life (#164)
        * Avoid cut axes labels with a gap between data area and chart
          border (#192, #163)
        * Wrong time intervals inserted by a user don't cause NPE anymore (#212)
        * User inserted wkt string are validated (#214, #251)
        * The geometry type used for wms publishing is fetched from database (#213)
        * Improved gap detection in timeseries charts (#175)
        * Selection of layer without items not possible anymore (#200)
        * Improved chart creation for product type SST (#232)
        * Added the station name to the subtitle of timeseries charts (#226)
        * Added the timeinterval to the subtitle of timeseries charts (#152)
        * Calculate the x-range of verticalprofile charts correct (#229)
        * Calculate the y-range of horizontalprofile charts correct (#233)
        * The width of a class in histograms can be specified by a floating
          point number (#231)
        * Added label for y-axes in histograms (#243)
        * 'Profilschnitte' can be exported as png-image (#216)
        * I18N support for statistic output (#228)
        * Improved subtitles of horizontalprofile charts (#138)
        * Removed a duplicated path to the mapfile in the configuration (#220)
        * The layer selection in the product 'Layer' is no longer limited to
          a single layer (#252)
        * Added missing units into class templates that are displayed when
          calling WMS GetLegendGraphic operation on 'Horizontalschnitten' (#246)
        * The Restlet server uses the same log4j configuration as the rest of 
          the application (#6)
        * Files used by artifact-database and cache are written to an own
          directory - no longer into the conf directory (#218)

2010-03-08  RELEASE 0.5

2010-01-27  RELEASE 0.4


    * Added entire infrastructure for interpolation pipeline:
        * Rasterizers on a configurable grid resolution (x and y).
        * Vectorizer producing geoemetries from rasterized data
          (introducting dependency to GNU Trove 2.2.1)
        * Color palette handling
        * Support for using DEM (seabed) in interpolation
        * helper script for converting color palettes to 
          QGIS 1.4 styling format

    * Diagrams:

        * 'Profilschnitte'     (via JFreeChart compatible Vectorizer output)
        * 'Horizontalschnitte' (via JTS compatible Vectorizer output)
           * Multi-polygons:    Classes determined by palette values
           * Multi-linestrings: Iso lines determined with rules of #108
        * Support for 2D diagrams with multi-polygons (with shells and holes)
          and multi-linestrings (essentially what is called "Simple Feature")
        * Improved labeling (heading, subheading) of all diagrams

    * Added support for ProxyArtifact to support access to history of states
    * Added support for writing Shapefiles with GeoTools (introducing
      dependency to GeoTools 3.5.8)


    * Generation of vertical profiles failed on Marnet (#142)
    * Using correct MIME-type for SVG-Export in configuration (#148)
    * Enabling/Disabling points in GUI (#105)
    * Reanming values for selcting the direction of an axis (#129)
    * Adapting granularity for labels for timeseries (#152)
    * adapting range of values for data series with identical name
      and different time ranges (#136/137)i
    * Corrected interpolation based on horizontal cross-section (#153)
    * Enabling/Disabling points in diagrams with PDF export (#156)
    * Harmonized background color in 2D diagrams (#157)
    * Adding label for axis for 2D diagrams (#158)

2009-12-17  RELEASE 0.3


    * SVG export for charts (introducing Apache Batik dependency)
    * PDF export for charts. (introducing iText dependency)
    * style templating for charts via XML.
    * Units are now localized and added to the charts
    * Gap detection for horizontal and vertical profile charts.

    * 'Horizontale Schnittprofile'

    * Added region filters


    * Various i18n messages. (Issue 129)
    * problems with verticalprofile charts.
    * TG_0030.008: "Unterscheidung bei Farben wechselt 
      zwischen verschiedenen Ausgabeprodukten bei gleicher Parameterwahl"
    * TG_0030.004: "Jahreszahlen an der Abszisse werden nicht angezeigt"
    * TG_0030.004 : i18n funktioniert an Abzissenbeschriftung noch nicht (Issue 104)


    * The configuration system to define the workflows 
      with artifacts. Cleaner separation states vs. transistions.

    * Default configuration of ttl of artifacts is more realistic now.

    * Used more recent versions of JFreeChart and Apache Common Math.

    * Local caching of data is now used more consequently


    * Old conterra charting code.

2009-11-13  RELEASE 0.2

    * Adding support for relative pathnames relating to central 
      config document (issue 59)

    * Splitting of configuration documents (Issue 40)

    * Corrected data model of artifacs (issue 3)

    * Added FIS Sea State, SEACAT, Current Meter, Ice Station Reports 

    * Implemented gaps for spatial and temportal gaps (issue 45)

    * TG_0040.005: Added a first ODV support

    * Added more input validation to make it more user-friendly

    * Added a first documentation of configuration documents

2009-10-07  RELEASE 0.1

    * Initial release of the artifacts special for the
      BSH Generic Viewer. They are to be configured to live
      inside an artifact database via conf.xml.
    * The collection of parameters is modelled by transistions
      inside the XML.
    * src/test/ressources/conf.xml gives a setup to use all
      the provided artifacts.
    * Products can be produced for following FIS:
      Marnet, IMIS, STAUN, Modeldata, Delphin, Thermosalinograph,
      Chemusurvey, GTS, CTD, CBT in form of time series,
      vertical profiles and horizontal profiles on meshes
      and instantaneous points.