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2010-04-28  RELEASE 1.0


        * Support for renaming wms layers

        * Support for Contis, Nauthis and Marine Features

        * Support for saving/loading existing artifacts (e.g. for saving/loading
          the current parametrization)

        * Improved the matrix for parameter-measurement selection. The user can
          choose between different depths only without relation to a specific
          parameter (#210)

        * Support for odv exports on 'Profilschnitten' (#217)

        * The MapServer can be called without explicitly declaration of the
          mapfile path (#235, #220)

        * The configuration of the transition model can be plotted as svg or
          pdf (#262)

        * Improved shapefile writing in 'Layer' product - write each column
          retrieved by database into shapefile.

        * Improved the input validation. More specific error messages are
        * displayed if the validation fails.

        * Support for an initial parameterization via MapViewer call.

2010-03-08  RELEASE 0.5

2010-01-27  RELEASE 0.4
    * Added central support for the entire interpolation infrastructure
    with a lot of configuration capabilities:
      * rasterizing input data sets
      * calculating interpolation paying attention to different boundary
      conditions: Less than 3 point, extrapolating to the ground, water
      surface, ...
      * tracing isolines
      * clipping geometries
      * exporting interpolated polygons and isolines
      * rendering of 2D-diagrams and export of Shapefiles
      for "Horizontales Schnittprofil", Vertical- and Horizontal Cross
    Section. Made parts of the interpolation configurable like
    resolution of interpolation raster; color palettes.

    * Optimizing of runtime of interpolations

    * Diagramm specific:
        * Made color paletts configurable for rendering Vertical-Cross
        Sections. Added helper script to convert same palettes to QGIS (at
        least version 1.4 supported) styling format

        * Support for 2D diagrams with multipolygons with holes and shells

        * Made color of seabed configurable for vertical cross-sections

        * Added special renderer for labeling isolines in dense areas 
        in order to avoid overlaps

    * Dependency to GUI generation:
        * Splitting date selections in a 2 step transition: year, exact
        point of time as required in the webclient

        * Cleaning up internal model of steps to correspond to internal
        objects in cache

        * Add support for a wizard-based model of states in order to support
        a 1-step back history in a first step; preparation for
        multistep-history done.

    * Configuration:
        * Configuration: Enhanced configuration for connection testing of
        SDE. So fare, now stable for reusing connections.

        * Configurability of Mesh-Width per data model

    * Others:
        * Added support for exporting shapefiles and integrating into
        artefact-lifecycle in order to remove files/directories after

        * Support for a MapViewer interfaced based on a database-based

        * Added support for raster data to taking into account sea

2009-12-17  RELEASE 0.3

    * PDF export

    * SVG export

    * Chart Templating

    * 'Horizontale Schnittprofile'

    * various i18n fixes

2009-11-13  RELEASE 0.2

    * Added support for all required FIS:
      Marnet, IMIS, STAUN, Modelldaten, Eisklimatologie, Eismeldungen, SST,
      Delphin, Thermosalinograph, Chemusurvey, GTS, CTD, XBT, SeaCat,
      Seegangsarchiv, Strommesser (Req. TG_0020.001)

    * Added support for vertical profiles (Chapter

    * Added support for horizontal profiles (Chapter;
      part independent of MapViewer

    * Added a first support for ODV format (Req. TG_0040.005)

    * Enabling client for multi-instances (Req. 00_0000.007)

    * Adding of support of internal area filter (Req. TG_0020.012 b)

    * Added more support for internationalization (TG_0050.004)

    * Improved error handling with more user-friendly messages

    * Added required statistical support (Chapter

2009-10-07  RELEASE 0.1

    * Initial release of the artifacts special for the Generic BSH Viewer.