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\subsection{Adding new Languages}
The GNV-Server has the possibility to handle different languages. It is
necessary to configure those.

The configuration is divided into three steps:

   \item Adding the required resource-file to the GNV-Server
   \\{\tt /gnv-artifacts/src/main/resources/lang }
   \item Adding the required resource-file to the GNV-Web-Client
   {\tt /gnv/src/main/resources}
   \item Publishing the new language to the GNV-Server by adding the
   language-code to the file 
   \\{\tt /gnv-artifacts/src/main/resources/lang/lang.conf}

To generate the resource-files it might be helpful to copy an existing one and
translate its content into the desired language.

Please note that you have to re-package the modules gnv and gnv-artifacts to
enable the new languages - currently, only german and english are provided.
If you want to provide further languages you have to change the toggle-mechanism
for switching the language in the web-client.