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2011-09-19  RELEASE 2.5


        * Introduced the concept of a "datacage": the datacage is a service that
          provides a list of chart themes that fit to a given chart type. The
          service accepts a user uuid, the uuid of a master Artifact, the name
          of the output type and a set of further string parameters. In general,
          we distinguish between user-specific datacage and system-specific
          The user-specific datacage returns themes provided by old
          calculations computed by the user.
          The system-specific datacage returns themes that might be generated
          using the data stored in the flys-backend.

        * Introduced a database used by the datacage that stores information
          about Artifacts, their outputs and their facets. This database
          requires synchronization with the Artifact database. The intent of
          this database is to have a fast access to data stored in Artifacts.

        * Introduced a mechanism to clone existing Artifacts (with or without
          restrictions). For cloning an Artifact, it is necessary to specify the
          UUID of a "model Artifact". The clone will be based on that model by
          extracting all required data from it.

        * Introduced "recommendations": recommendations are themes in charts or
          maps (Artifacts/Facets) that should be added automatically to an
          existing chart/map. They are provided by the datacage.

        * Introduced new Artifact types to provide further chart themes:
          - Annotations
          - Mainvalues

        * Introduced new Facet type WMSLayerFacet. This type stores all required
          information (server url, layer names, layer extent, layer srid) to
          display a WMS layer in a WMS client.

        * Introduced a new chart output "Querprofildiagramm". This output
          calculates a waterlevel and displays it as single line together with
          one or more cross section lines ("Querprofilspuren").

        * Introduced a new chart output "W-Differenzen". This output calculates
          waterlevel differences based on at least two waterlevels (a
          "W-Differenzen" output can consist of more than a single waterlevel
          difference calculation). Each waterlevel difference calculation
          results in three chart themes: two W curves and a W-Differences curve.

        * Introduced a new output "Überschwemmungskarte". The visualization of
          this output is a map. One of the map's layers is a WMS layer that
          displays the calculation result of WSPLGEN (external C++ tool).

        * Improved the rendering process of chart themes: the styles configured
          for themes are now used.

        * Improved the DistanceInfoService: it supports filters to filter the
          type of items returned by this service (reduces the number of returned
          items of course).

        * Introduced a CSV export for "W-Differenzen".

        * Downgraded GNU Trove to 1.1-beta-5 (later versions have been removed
          from maven repositories).


        * flys/issue135 (Diagramm: Trotz abgeschalteter Themen bleiben Beschriftungen bestehen)

        * flys/issue159 (WINFO: Radiobutton - Ortsauswahl bei "W für ungleichwertigen Abflusslängsschnitt" entfernen)

        * flys/issue160 (WINFO: Auswahltabelle Orte bei Modus Strecke nach Step-Back)

        * flys/issue176 (Diagramm: Benennung eines Abflusses bei gewählter Höhe am Pegel)

        * flys/issue180 (WINFO: Zeilen der Tabelle können nach der Markierung in die Zwischenablage kopiert werden.)

        * flys/issue181 (Erstes Thema in der Themenliste wählt sich automatisch wieder an)

        * flys/issue191 (AT-Export: Längsten monoton steigenden Bereich exportieren.)

        * flys/issue219 (W-INFO: Abflusskurvenberechnung / keine Themen im Diagramm)

        * flys/issue254 (Datenkorb: Klonen von Artefakten in anderen Collections + Facettenfilter zum Ausblenden)

        * flys/issue256 (Datenkorb: XXX Issue festhalten)

        * flys/issue258 (Datenkorb: Outs statt States führen)

        * flys/issue259 (Daten aus Datenkorb in Diagramm einladen)

        * flys/issue260 (Datenkorb: Masterartefakt in View aufführen)

        * flys/issue262 (Datenkorb: Vereinigung der beiden Konfigurations-Templates)

        * flys/issue279 (WINFO: Elbe Wasserspiegellage - Index Out of Bounds)

        * flys/issue280 (BoundingBoxen von Streckenfavoriten und Haupt- und Extremwerten unsichtbar machen)

        * flys/issue281 (Karte: Auswahl der berechnten Wasserspiegellage über Inline-Datenkorb)

        * flys/issue282 (Karte: Abstand interpolierte Profile - Default wert)

        * flys/issue290 (Karte: Eingabe von Differenzen zw. WSP und Gelände findet keine Ausprägung in der Karte)

        * flys/issue303 (Keine Streckenfavoriten, wenn nur Q im Längsschnittdiagram ausgewählt)

        * flys/issue309 (Querprofil: Manuelle Eingabe funktioniert nicht nach Return (nur nach Tab))

        * flys/issue310 (Querprofil: Farben der Themen)

        * flys/issue311 (Querprofil: i18n)

2011-06-27  RELEASE 2.4


        * Finalized the Facet concept: output modes and the output generation
          are now based on facets. Facets are created dynamically by an Artifact
          based on the results of a calculation.

        * Introduced a report mechanism that gives feedback of calculation

        * Introduced output modes that generate XML document with calculation
          report information.

        * Introduced deactivated themes in charts: such themes are not rendered.

        * Introduced a cache to store distance info per river.

        * Introduced output modes that generate XML documents which contain meta
          information of charts as axes ranges, data ranges and a transformation
          matrix that allows to transform image coordinates into chart

        * Added support for zoom values in Chart output modes.

        * Added support for min/max values in DESCRIBE documents.

        * Added "Oberkante" and "Unterkante" columns to distance info service.

        * Added a new export mode to save data in AT format.

        * Improved performance while storing/loading Q values of WST columns.

        * Improved the WQ values validation for calculation 1 & 4.

        * Improved calculations to work independent of "from"/"to" order of
          kilometer ranges.

        * Improved the input of WQ values for calculation 1. We distinguish
          between a selected Q at a given gauge or a selected Q that doesn't
          base on a given gauge.

        * Allow "from" to be greater than "to" in kilometer ranges.

        * Write default values of the user into the Artifact's DESCRIBE
          document (flys/issue40).


        * flys/issue62 Artifacts no longer share their data with each other.

        * flys/issue77 Added titles for themes in duration curve charts.

        * flys/issue81

        * flys/issue82 Fixed NPE after a calculation has taken place.

        * flys/issue84

        * flys/issue85 Fixed location input for calculation 1 & 4.

        * flys/issue86 Fixed Q determination based on a given W.

        * flys/issue90 Removed space between chart axes and chart area.

        * flys/issue93 Renamed calculation 4.

        * flys/issue103 Append values selected by the user in the correct format
          to the DESCRIBE document of Artifacts (uses i18n).

        * flys/issue147

        * flys/issue150 Invert the X axis correctly for charts of type
          calculation 1 & 4.

        * flys/issue154 Repaired computed discharge curve that broke after the
          facets had been finalized.

        * flys/issue157 Discharge curve charts (computed an static) will now
          have a lower x value set to "1".

        * flys/issue161 Longitudinal section chart's second Y axis will
          initially start at Q=0.

        * flys/issue164 Improved input validation for WQ input of calculation 4.

        * flys/issue172 Duration curve charts will now have a lower x value set
          to "0".

        * flys/issue173 Fixed broken gauge determination in calculation 4.

        * flys/issue174 Repaired broken upper margin between chart data and
          chart border in longitudinal section charts.

        * Added missing "Corrected W" facet for results of calculation 4.

        * Map datasets in duration curve charts to the correct axes.

        * Fixed broken XPath to detect output modes in an attribute document of
          a Collection.

        * Feed operation will no longer save data if the validation of the given
          values failed.

2011-05-19  RELEASE 2.3.1


        * New export format for waterlevels: WST.

        * Added descriptions for the curves of the following charts:
          - discharge curves (dt. 'Abflusskurven am Pegel')
          - computed discharge curves (dt. 'berechnete Abflusskurven')
          - longitudinal section curves (dt. 'Längsschnitt')
          - discharge longitudinal section curves (dt. 'Abflusslängsschnitt')

        * Number formatting is done in a central place/class.


        * flys/issue47 (Diagramm: Farbliche Unterscheidung von Abfluß und Wasserstand)

        * flys/issue52 (WINFO: W-Längsschnitt - Wasser jeweils von links nach rechts laufen lassen)

        * flys/issue53 (WINFO/Berechnungsausgabe: Kilometerierung und Wasserstände werden zum Teil mit vielen Nachkommastellen angezeigt)

        * flys/issue66: (i18n: Untertitel bei Längsschnitten - Bereich der Strecke enthält "double")

        * flys/issue67 (WINFO: Längsschnitt - Wasser fließt bergauf)

        * flys/issue72: (WINFO: Q/W/D-Info liefert selten eine Antwort)

2011-05-13  RELEASE 2.3


        * Initial release of the artifacts for FLYS. Currently there is a single
          WINFO artifact for the following computations:
          - waterlevels
          - discharge curves
          - duration curves
          - discharge longitudinal section curves

        * Configuration is placed in doc/conf/conf.xml

        * WINFO Artifact specific configuration is placed in

        * So called 'OutGenerators' produce different types of output.
          Currently, the flys-artifacts are able to produce charts and exports.
          Each output type has to be configured in conf.xml.

        * New chart types:
          - discharge curves (dt. 'Abflusskurven am Pegel')
          - computed discharge curves (dt. 'Abflusskurve')
          - longitudinal section curves (dt. 'Längsschnitte')
          - duration curves (dt. 'Dauerlinie')
          - discharge longitudinal section curve (dt. 'W bei
            ungleichmäßigem Abflusslängsschnitt')

        * New exports:
          - csv of waterlevels
          - csv of duration curves
          - csv of computed discharge curves
          - csv of discharge longitudinal section

        * New services that provides:
          - supported rivers
          - main values of a gauge
          - range information of a river
          - meta information of a river

        * Caching of computation relevant values

        * Initial model to support chart specific themes (theme.xml)


        * Charts are not rendered using the themes in theme.xml


    The version number of this release depends on an existing desktop variant of
    this software that is in version 2.1.


2011-03-30  RELEASE 0.1