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2011-09-19  RELEASE 2.5


        * Added new widgets:
          - DistancePanel: allows users to enter a km range.
          - ContinuePanel: offers a 'next' button only for states which do not require input data.
          - BooleanPanel: allows users to answer for yes/no questions.
          - TextProvider: allows users to enter text strings.
          - AutoIntegerPanel: allows users to enter integer values or the value 'auto'.
          - WaterlevelGroundPanel: allows users to enter three integer values for "from", "to", and "diff" used for floodmaps.
          - DatacagePanel: displays a datacage widget, that allows users to select items from datacage.
          - MapPanel: displays a Gwt-OpenLayers based map and a MapToolbar.
          - DatacageWidget: reads XML documents from MetaDataService and displays the result as tree.
          - DigitizePanel: allows users to digitize spatial geometries using a map based on Gwt-OpenLayers.
          - DatacageTwinPanel: allows users to select items from two parallel datacage widgets.

        * Added RPC services to:
          - create new Artifacts based on a model Artifact (ArtifactService).
          - read XML documents from MetaDataService (MetaDataService).
          - read map information (as srid, extent) from MapInfoService (MapInfoService).
          - feed an Artifact only (without forwarding into a new state) (FeedService).
          - fetch the description of an Artifact only (DescribeArtifactService).
          - create new Artifacts based on Recommendation objects and add them to
            current Collection (LoadArtifactService).

        * The DatacageWindow in charts now allows adding new themes to charts.

        * Introduced a Recommendation mechanism in the CollectionView that loads Artifacts to the
          current Collection based on the recommendations in the Artifact description of the master

        * Extract background state/messages of master Artifacts. Lock CollectionView window if
          master Artifacts have started background threads that have not finished yet and display
          status messages in the lock screen.

        * Added support to clone existing projects in the project list.

        * Introduced copy&paste support in calculation result tables.

        * Added new OutputTab MapOutputTab. This tab initializes map based on Gwt-OpenLayers.
          The layers added to the map depend on the facets of the output.

        * Added a CrossSectionChartThemePanel. This ThemePanel offers a spinner right besides the
          theme name to modify the current km.

        * Added a MapToolbar that offers controls for working with a map based on Gwt-OpenLayers.

        * UI improvements:
          - Stepping back/forward in parameterization no longer redraws the whole CollectionView.
          - set the title of CollectionView windows when the name of a collection is modified in the project list.
          - introduced "find-as-you-type" search in most input tables.

        * Distinguish between 'chart' and 'map' output modes to create ChartOutputTabs or MapOutputTabs.

        * Bumped GWT up to 2.3.0.


        * flys/issue159 (WINFO: Radiobutton - Ortsauswahl bei "W für ungleichwertigen Abflusslängsschnitt" entfernen)

        * flys/issue166 (Projektname in die Fensterleiste übernehmen)

        * flys/issue181 (Erstes Thema in der Themenliste wählt sich automatisch wieder an)

        * flys/issue185 (IE8 + Chromium: Kein Zoomen von Diagrammen möglich)

        * flys/issue194 (Wasserspiegellagen: Hauptwerte Q/D Spaltenbezeichnung "Kenzeichnender Abfluss")

        * flys/issue195 (Wasserspiegellagen: Q/D-Panel Spaltenbezeichnung "W/Q/D" -> "Q/D")

        * flys/issue199 (Berechnete Abflusskurve / Dauerzahlen: Freies Textfeld akzeptiert mehr als einen Ort.)

        * flys/issue203 (W-INFO: Wasserspiegellagenberechnung / Auswahlunterstützung Abfluss)

        * flys/issue234 (W-INFO: Projektverwaltung)

        * flys/issue239 (W-INFO: Wasserspiegellagenberechnung / Auswahlunterstützung Ort bzw. Strecke)

        * flys/issue240 (W-INFO: Projektverwaltung / Einstellung dauerhaft)

        * flys/issue259 (Daten aus Datenkorb in Diagramm einladen)

        * flys/issue266 (Projektverwaltung: Duplizieren von Projekten)

        * flys/issue282 (Karte: Abstand interpolierte Profile - Default wert)

        * flys/issue285 (Projektverwaltung: Suche auf den Titeln)

        * flys/issue286 (Karte: Tooltips für die Werkzeugleiste)

        * flys/issue289 (Karte: Messen von Strecken und Flächen in falscher Dimension)

        * flys/issue299 (Karte: Einige Farben vereinheitlichen)

        * flys/issue293 (Karte: Farbliche Anpassung der digitalisierten Objekte)

        * flys/issue305 (Suche: Löschen der Eingabe nach einem Wechseln des Tabs Strecke -> Ort)

        * flys/issue309 (Querprofil: Manuelle Eingabe funktioniert nicht nach Return (nur nach Tab))

        * flys/issue311 (Querprofil: i18n)

        * flys/issue313 ("AssertionError" beim Wechsel von Deutsch zu Englisch in der Projektliste)

2011-06-27  RELEASE 2.4


        * Introduced:
          - a theme panel on the left of the chart. It allows to change
            the state and order of the themes in the chart.
          - a panel that displays the current mouse position in chart
          - a Zoombox-Control that allows zooming in charts via zoombox.
          - a control to zoom out for 10%.
          - a control to zoom to the max extent of the chart.
          - a control to pan charts.
          - a panel that displays reports generated by calculations.
          - a client side validation of user input.

        * Improved the project list. The user can now rename projects and set
          favorite projects that will never be deleted.

        * Improved the chart output service to support zoom values.

        * Added new services to:
          - set the Collection's attribute to a new value
          - set the name of a project
          - set the time-to-live of a project
          - delete a project
          - retrieve meta information of the current chart
            This service returns a ChartInfo object that stores information about
            the axes ranges, data ranges and a transformation matrix to transform
            image coordinates into chart coordinates
          - fetch calculation reports

        * flys/issue40 Input fields will show former selected values.


        * flys/issue21 Projects cannot be opened twice but if a projects is
          already open, it is brought to foreground.

        * flys/issue22 Introduced a polling for user projects. Dead projects are
          automatically removed.

        * flys/issue43 I18N adjustments.

        * flys/issue85 Location/Distance panel now distinguishes between these
          two modes. Two (or more) locations will no longer end up in a distance.

        * flys/issue88 I18N adjustments in the location/distance panel.

        * flys/issue91 The WQ panel's initial mode is Q.

        * flys/issue103 Append units in WQ panel.

        * flys/issue104 The selected WQ mode is displayed in the static panel

        * flys/issue117 DoubleArrayPanel and DoubleRangePanel will no longer
          return duplicate values.

        * flys/issue118 The WQ panel has three modes now: W at gauge, Q at
          gauge and Q free.

        * flys/issue122 The values in the table displaying W values are no
          longer selectable.

        * flys/issue132 The initial location/distance mode is now distance.

        * flys/issue139 Fixed NPE while initialising user values in the adapted
          WQ panel.

        * flys/issue140 Splitted the table - displaying W, Q and D values - up
          in two tables for W (no longer selectable) and for QD.

        * flys/issue156 The report panel is not displayed as tab besides the
          chart tabs.

        * flys/issue165 Limit the length of new project names to 50 characters.

        * flys/issue170 Fixed broken initial chart info.

2011-05-19  RELEASE 2.3.1


        * Enabled the UI to display more export modes that a single one.

        * Added tooltips for export buttons.


        * flys/issue23 (Doppel-Click auf Eintrag in der Projektliste sollte ein Projekt öffnen)

        * flys/issue35 The project window is maximizable with a 'maximize' button.

        * flys/issue38 (WINFO: Vorbelegung der Berechnungsart auf "Wasserstand/Wasserspiegellagen")

        * flys/issue39 (WINFO: Auswahl einer Strecke in bei Eingabeunterstützung liefert nicht die richtigen Werte)

        * flys/issue43 (i18n: Einige Verbesserungen)

        * flys/issue44 (WINFO: Unterstützungstabellen werden in fester Fensterbreite angezeigt)

        * flys/issue45 (WINFO: Ladedialog bei Laden der Daten in Unterstützungstabellen anzeigen)

        * flys/issue48 (Diagramm: Bereiche für Themensteuerung und Werkzeugleiste vorgeben.)

        * flys/issue56: (Knopf zum Exportieren der Berechnungsergebnissen nach CSV in GUI einbauen)

2011-05-13  RELEASE 2.3


        * Initial GWT/Ajax based Web-Client for the REST based artifact system:
          - Renderer for states specific for WINFO artifact
          - Panels for W/Q selection
          - Panels for Range selection
          - Chart panels for chart output creation
          - Export panels that provides download links for exporting computation
          - Project list displays former projects that might be opened by
            double click
          - Datacage (dt. 'Datenkorb') UI that displays loadable data for charts

        * RPC-services enable data exchange between client and server

        * Connection settings are configured in config.xml

        * I18N is splitted into two parts and support English and German:
          - GUI elements are translated using the GWT i18n mechanism
          - Information/data served by the artifact system is translated by the
            artifact server


        * Language switch drops the current session

        * Charts served by the artifact system are rendered as PNG only

        * Theme control for charts is not implemented yet.

        * Data served by the datacage can't be added to projects/charts


    The version number of this release depends on an existing desktop variant of
    this software that is in version 2.1.


2011-03-30  RELEASE 0.1