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Add label for bed difference axis
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date Wed, 25 Sep 2013 15:08:18 +0200
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From ChangeLog:

2012-07-08	Sascha L. Teichmann	<>

	* contrib/themes2html.xsl: New. Transformation to get a better
	  overview of themes.xml. Usage:

	  $ xsltproc --path doc/conf    \
	        contrib/themes2html.xsl \
	        doc/conf/themes.xml     \
	        > themes.xhtml

	  Use browser to view the resulting file.

2012-06-23	Sascha L. Teichmann	<>

	* contrib/ New. Script to prefix
	  the values of property files with a small number to
	  make the keys identifiable even through the UI.

	  Apply in the same manner as contrib/

2012-04-11	Sascha L. Teichmann	<>

	* contrib/ New. Script to check inconsistencies
	of i18n properties files: Detects duplicates and keys not defined in other
	properties files. Usage:

	$ find -name messages\*.properties | \
	  xargs contrib/

2011-04-28	Sascha L. Teichmann	<>

	* contrib/visualize-transitions.xsl: Added to create a
	  Graphviz digraph out of the config.xml. Usage:

	  $ xsltproc --stringparam base-dir ../doc/conf/ \
	    contrib/visualize-transitions.xsl \
	    doc/conf/conf.xml >

	  $ dot -Tsvg -o transitions.svg