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fix issue898 (crash when no param selected for parametermatrix).
author Felix Wolfsteller <>
date Mon, 01 Oct 2012 09:39:26 +0200
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2011-09-19      RELEASE 2.5


        * Improved the data model to support:
          - cross sections
          - hyks ("Hydraulische Kenngroessen")

        * Improved the importer to read:
          - PRF files
          - HYK files

        * Added a central Config to configure the Importer. There are several
          system properties to adjust what to import (see ChangeLog for

        * Added a Postgis and Oracle models for spatial flys data:
          - catchments
          - river axes
          - buildings
          - fixpoints
          - cross section tracks
          - hws ("HW-Schutzanlagen")
          - floodplains

        * Bumped Hibernate up to 3.6.5.

        * Bumped Apache DBCP up to 1.4.

2011-06-27      RELEASE 2.4


        * Improved the data model to support:
          - edges ("Oberkante", "Unterkante")
          - annotations

        * Improved the importer to read:
          - edges
          - annotations

        * Made search for gauges in River independent of from/to
          kilometer order.


        * flys/issue76 Close gaps between q ranges

        * flys/issue110 Fixed import of ATs that skipped the first value.

2011-05-13      RELEASE 2.3


        * Import of:
          - "zusätzliche Längsschnitte"
          - "Fixierungen"
          - "amtliche Linien"
          - "Hochwassermarken"
          - "Historische Abflusskurven"
          - "HW-Schutzanlagen"

        * Improvements in the SQL schema:
          - Added a 'kind' column to WSTs
          - Added a 'position' column to WST columns to enable sorting WST columns.
          - Added a 'km_up' column to rivers to determine the flow direction of rivers.

        * Rivers are now able to:
          - determine their min/max kilometer range
          - determine the selected gauge(s) based on a kilometer range

        * WSTs are able to determine their min/max Q range.

        * Gauges are able to determine their min/max W range.

        * Added a view 'wst_value_table' that aggregates the data to build w/q
          value tables.

        * Added one-to-many relation Wst -> WstColumn

        * Speedup of the importer by using an internal caching mechanism.

        * Sta-Parse just accepts the following main value types: 'Q', 'W', 'D' and 'T'


        * Fixed import of Q ranges in wst files.

        * Fixed flys/issue19: Do not take km column in wst file as a water level.

        * Fixed flys/issue11 (Diagramm: Fehlerhafte Werte in Abflusskurven)

        * Fixed flys/issue51 (WINFO: Fachdaten am Pegel Perl enthält Sprünge)


    The version number of this release depends on an existing desktop variant of
    this software that is in version 2.1.


2011-03-30      RELEASE 0.1