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From ChangeLog:

2012-04-04	Sascha L. Teichmann	<>

	* src/main/java/de/intevation/flys/artifacts/services/
	  New. Service to generate a chart of fixings for given river and km applied
	  some filters.

	     $ curl http://localhost:8181/service/fixings-km-chart \
	       -d @fix-overview.xml > chart.png

	  The input XML is nearly the same as for the overview service.
	  Besides the river, filters and range it accepts elements
	  <km value="..."/>                  for passing the river km,
	  <extent width="..." height="..."/> for the extent of the output chart,
	  <mime type="..."/>                 for type of result. Currently ignored.

	  ATM only a static fixed sized PNG image is delivered.

2012-02-27  Sascha L. Teichmann	<>

	Added functions to be used for fitting in
	the "Fixierungsanalyse" and "Extremwertermittlung".


	* src/main/java/de/intevation/flys/artifacts/math/fitting/ New.
	  Small test driver to check if the fitting is working. The points to
	  fit are read from stdin the function to fit is determined by the
	  system property 'function'. Example usage:

	    $ mvn -e \
	    -Dfunction=linear \
	    -Dexec.mainClass=de.intevation.flys.artifacts.math.fitting.App exec:java <<EOF
	    357.390696917 7546.72096163
	    61.4291036312 1334.54835721
	    799.962128234 16836.7698076
	    126.52761023 2703.69789985
	    900.448553398 18955.0578748

2012-02-21  Sascha L. Teichmann	<>

	 * src/main/java/de/intevation/flys/artifacts/model/
	   - Calculate the extent of the river by the extents of the fixings.
	   Reason: The river Elbe has only has fixings up to km 351. The other half
	   of the river is empty which results in a sparse looking overview.
	   - Add the name of the river as name attribute to resulting <river> element.

	 * contrib/fixoverview2html.xsl: New. Demo XSL transformation to turn
	   the output of the overview service directly into HTML. Used in the
	   client a variant of this script could be used for producing the content
	   of the assistance widget. Usage:

	   $ curl http://localhost:8181/service/fixings-overview \
	     -d @fix-overview.xml |                              \
	     xsltproc contrib/fixoverview2html.xsl -             \
	     > fixings-overview.html

2011-07-20  Sascha L. Teichmann <>

	* src/main/java/de/intevation/flys/artifacts/services/meta/ New.
	  Standalone app to debug the datacage template. To use in a maven environment: \ \ \
	  -Dflys.backend.user=DB_USER \
	  -Dflys.backend.password=DB_PASSWORD \
	  -Dflys.backend.url=DB_CONNECTION_URL \

2011-07-13  Sascha L. Teichmann <>

	* src/main/java/de/intevation/flys/artifacts/charts/
	  New. Standalone Swing-App to test cross sections from database without the
	  hassles of our complete software stack. Runnable from a maven environment:

	  $ mvn -e \
	    -Dflys.backend.user=DB_USER \
		-Dflys.backend.password=DB_PASSWD \
		-Dflys.backend.url=DB_CONNECTION_URL \
		-Dexec.mainClass=de.intevation.flys.artifacts.charts.CrossSectionApp \

	  You can set the river to be used with the system property 'river'.
	  Defaults to 'Mosel'.